Dry Mounting options at Mitchell Street Frameworks



White or black foam core that has a heat activated adhesive on one surface. It is put in a heated vac-um press that has 20lb of pressure per square inch for a permanent mount.


Artcare Mount

Goes in the same press put we use a conservation reversible adhesive
on a museum foam core board for items that are collectable.


Canvas MountCor

Goes in the same press has a special adhesive for canvas and is a lower cost option for decorative canvas art then stretch mounting.


Stretch Mount

Art produced on canvas or fabric is hand stretched around a custom stretcher bar frame. It is stapled on the edges that are cover once the item is framed.


Lace Mount

This option is when an item needs to be hand sewn. A cross stitch is laced around an acid free foam core board or item that are sewn in position in a shadow box are a few examples.


Float Mount

When a piece of art is first attached to Artcare foam core and then positioned over a solid piece of mat board. It gives the illusion of floating in the frame.

We also offer the following services:

  • Archival Mount Positional Mounting Adhesive (PMA)

    This is used for decorative art only.It is a two sided mounting adhesive sheet.It requires no heat only pressure to adhere art.

  • Archival Mount

    Art is attached to an acid free foam core.It isheld in position with acid free linen tapesor acid free acetate mounting corners.

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