Mat Cutting

Mat cutting is an essential process for preservation and esthetics. When done correctly, a mat will enhance and protect your piece of art. Your framer at Mitchell Street Frameworks is trained to assure your piece is matted correctly. Let us explain further…



An acid free mat is cut and placed between your art and the glass. Your designer assures there is ample amount of room so condensation does not affect your piece. Without a mat, your photo or art will stick to the glass and may cause damage. Unfortunately, you won’t see it happening until it’s to late.

Design Benefits

Mat color and design can pull a viewer into the art. Thick and thin mats have different effects, too. Our design team will be happy to provide possible solutions for your individual needs.



Our mat cutter cuts 20 precise inches per second. This means you can get a pre-cut or custom mat to go. Choose from hundreds of pre-cut mats for your do-it-yourself projects. Do you have a question regarding our mat cutting service?

Our precise mat cutter is eye catching, isn’t it?

Mat Cutting with Wizard

We cut with Wizard. We feel this is the best in the business and here is why. It’s fast, reliable, and its creation potential is amazing. There are over 1000 different designs and if we don’t have it, we will create one specific to your needs. Mat cutting is an art in it of itself and Wizard makes it easy to create the designs our customers need.

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